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About Us

I began my career in the financial services industry after graduating from the University of Central Florida in 1982. I wanted to help people make sense of the complicated world of insurance and investing...because people won’t put their hard-earned dollars into something they don’t understand or believe in.  I found I was able to translate these difficult subjects into everyday terms that people could grasp, understand and accept.

In 1987 I became a charter member of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants. As a Registered Financial Consultant, I maintain ongoing continuing education requirements that keep me abreast of the ever-changing financial landscape in today’s world.  

 After working 20 years for nationally known insurance companies, I formed The Hudson Financial Group to better serve my clients’ needs.   While working for other companies, I grew to realize that I could deliver a better customer experience if I offered more services and no proprietary products.

Since I am self-employed and run my own business, I understand the struggles and issues business owners face every day. I wanted to be able to focus my practice on small business owners and self-employed individuals because I know what it’s like to run your own business and be the key decision maker.

I was told early on in my career that, "People don't plan to fail, they just fail to plan."  Sadly, a very large percentage of the American public have little or no money saved for retirement, and they are grossly under insured.

If I could be that one element – the catalyst – that could get people to move forward and stop procrastinating about planning for their future – then I could make a difference in their lives.

As owner of The Hudson Financial Group, I get great satisfaction knowing I am making a difference in the quality of life of the clients I am privileged to serve. 

If you are looking for a financial planner who appreciates where you have come from, knows and values your business concerns, and speaks your language, I can help. 

Put my 37 years of financial consulting experience to work for you…call or email now.


Gray R. Hudson, Registered Financial Consultant